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This is where I dump my photo-stuff.

thanks a lot. :) I personally really like the blog of Martin Bauendahl. He takes portraits of every model that comes to his studio for a gosee.
other than that, I really love the photography of and I also love Florian Sommet’s stuff (unfortunately there aren’t so many posts on his blog. :/ )

Hi there :) thanks a lot for your kind words. Yea, in my dreams I’m shooting for Vogue. :P I have the profoto D1 studio kit which is nice. Bowens is also good and a lot cheeper. I usually like to use a beauty-dish for more commercial-looking beauty shots. I really like the kinda glow it adds to the skin. If I do that and want to avoid dark shadows under chin/nose etc. I use a reflector to brighten that up. For more of a “portrait style” picture I like my octagon softbox with grid quite from the side (about 45°-70°). I also like to use reflectors for a contour light. :) 
Don’t be shy to contact modelgagencies. Newface-Models need Photos for their books so agencies are happy if they get those though testing with good photographers.
Just send a moodboard to explain your idea/style of the shoot a link to portfolio and if available also links to the portfolios of your team (makeup etc.)  if you’re looking for a special type of model, also mention that.
If you’re not confident enough to contact agencies right away, try finding models via communites like Modelmayhem (or even facebook, there are also quite a lot model/photographer groups etc.) first to built up a bit of a portfolio. If you have nice beauty/fashion-images in your portfolio it is way easier for your to get models for tests from agencies. I hope that helps. :) 

Yes, I’m a photographer. :) Feel free to check out my online-portfolio I’m happy that you like my stuff. xoxo

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